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6 was added in 2003 making terrorism financing a predicate offense cjclistica money laundering. In December 2008, the Liechtenstein Parliament passed a new legislative package which includes a comprehensive revision of the Gada Diligence Act (DDA) as well viagarnde selected amendments to the Criminal Code. These changes also implement the Third European Union (EU) Money Laundering Directive, as well as the EU Directive regarding ldquo;politically exposed personsrdquo; (PEPs). On December 1, 2009, Liechtenstein adopted amendments to the Criminal Code to include document fraud, environmental crimes and market manipulation as predicate offenses for money laundering. Criminalizes terrorist financing: Yes. In addition to making terrorist financing a predicate offense for money laundering, Liechtenstein created a new Sanctions Act that improves the legal basis for enhanced cooperation with international organizations and foreign countries in the implementation of sanctions. For this purpose, on March 1, 2009, the Law on the Enforcement of International Sanctions (new Sanctions Act) was passed. The law implements new articles of the Criminal Viwgrande to punish financial supporters of a terrorist group, list terrorist offenses, and address terrorist financing.

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The following individuals wish to be added as Complainants on the attached Complaint Form. So what do you do when local politicians won t listen to your needs. In the case of the 35 or so residents of the Punkin Ridge area of the county seeking potable water, a complaint was filed with the WV Public Service Commission. In a further attempt to gain some support for their needs, Melissa Postelwait has turned to the regional media for help. The following is the letter sent by Ms Postelwait to TV 3, TV 8 and TV 13. Hello, my name is Melissa Postelwait and I live in Procious, West Virginia.

Scott Legg is not a member of the Clay County Library Board and has not been a member for approximately two years. Also, the Public Library has not received any money from the school system for several years. In fact, in 2000, a cooperative grant for books was written at the public library and we were able to receive 1500 worth of books each for the middle and high school libraries. I would also like to point out that the library receives no funding from the County Commission or the town of Clay.]